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Diagnosis and Management of Fetal Abnormalities

In the rare event that your unborn baby has a birth defect or other concern, we provide a detailed and comprehensive ultrasound evaluation first. Once the ultrasound is completed, you will be scanned personally by Dr Solomon and all findings will be discussed in detail. Most patients will also benefit from reviewing the concerns with our genetic counselor Karina Seidl-Nall, MS CGC. Obtaining a full family history and discussing additional options for testing, if desired, are done in a private consultation room where your family members may join you. 

If you have chosen to undergo a diagnostic procedure after your ultrasound, this can be performed immediately after this consultation in most instances. Occasionally, additional planning or insurance confirmation is required prior to testing, but we do our utmost to maximize the information obtained during your first visit. A detailed plan for the rest of the pregnancy is created. We offer a sensitive and empathetic approach to the entire family in these situations, and do our very best to arrive at the desired outcome for your and your loved ones. 

Managing these types of cases requires a multidisciplinary approach. Even for simple concerns, we offer and arrange a prenatal consultation with the appropriate pediatric sub-specialist locally so that you are not left navigating your newborn's care alone during an emotional and vulnerable postpartum period. Consultation with the neonatology team in your planned delivery hospital is also arranged for you. We believe that the best outcomes are ensured with careful planning, resulting in as few 'surprises' as possible during delivery and postpartum care. 

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