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Fetal Echocardiogram

Certain pregnancies benefit from a more detailed assessment of the unborn baby's heart. Sometimes this is due to family history of a heart defect or a maternal complication such as diabetes. Additional common reasons include a pregnancy conceived by IVF or known identical twins. Other times, it might be because your referring provider has some concern about how the fetus' heart is developing or there is an irregularity noted in the heart beat. We are able to evaluate all of these concerns, including performing first trimester echocardiography using high resolution ultrasound probes in pregnancies that are known to be at risk. Dr Solomon is a recognized expert on fetal cardiac imaging and your developing baby will benefit from the most detailed assessment possible. We are the only center in Arizona to offer high resolution first trimester echocardiography for patient's who are at increased risk. 

Fetal echocardiography is performed at the same time as an obstetrical ultrasound. You will not feel a difference during the exam but may notice that we are performing detailed views and measurements on your baby's heart and blood vessels. In most cases, even families at higher risk will end up with normal results. However, if needed, we are able to assist in coordinating your care with the appropriate fetal cardiology team, and any additional referrals as indicated.

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