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Fetal Invasive Treatment

In rare instances, options for invasive fetal treatment or surgery may be considered in order to arrive at the best outcome. Certain procedures such as amnioreduction, fetal shunt placement, cyst drainage or fetal placental biopsies can be performed by Dr Solomon locally. Other conditions require a full dedicated fetal treatment center and team. Examples of some of these conditions are listed below. Unfortunately, many of these procedures are not currently offered within the Phoenix metropolitan area. Dr Solomon is well versed on which centers nationwide may offer the best option for your specific condition and will speak with the team personally. We then work to coordinate your evaluation and care at one of these Fetal Treatment Centers. Once your procedure is performed, we resume your care in the Phoenix area in coordination with the Fetal Treatment team at the center where you received care.


Examples of fetal conditions for which fetal treatment options are available include:


- twin-twin transfusion syndrome

- twin reversed arterial perfusion (TRAP) sequence

- twin anemia-polycythemia sequence

- endotracheal balloon placement for congenital diaphragmatic hernia

- lower urinary tract obstruction

- in-utero spina bifida repair

- release of amniotic bands

- aortic stenosis valvuloplasty

- sacrococcygeal teratoma treatment

         and others

The video below is from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and details their treatment options for twin-twin transfusion syndrome. 

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